The world of knights, medieval armour, and weapons has always fascinated people all over the world causing admiration and awe of the romantic glamour and military pride. Many of fine samples of weapons have survived till our times. They were created by the skilful armourers of the past, who not only implemented the practical defensive properties of the weapons, but also strived to decorate and ornament them in a way that typified the best art masterpieces of their time.

knightToday, medieval armour is not just an echo from the past. It is a unique form of art that stands on a par with painting and sculpture. It is respected not only among the connoisseurs of weaponry and armoury, but with aficionados of all types of art.

We offer you an opportunity to go back to the times of honour and valour, chivalrous tournaments and feats for the grandeur of the strongest and the fame of the magnificent knights. Medieval armour will adorn any premises with its sophistication and allure, and will create a romantic and austere atmosphere of military victories and defeats.

armourThe process of armour reproduction includes painstaking study of the initial data in the form of photographs, designs, and descriptions of the original appearance, form, proportions, quality of armour treatment, surface ornamentation and polish. Only then the actual manufacturing process begins, and the accumulated knowledge and research of the armourers is transformed into a mobile "steel sculpture".

During the reconstruction of the antique armour our shop not only recreates the original appearance, but scrupulously copies the original construction of all movable elements. This results in a maximum resemblance helping to preserve and extend the best traditions in the art of making weapons.

The use of ancient metal working techniques, such as smithery and embossing, together with the ornamentation by etching and gold-plating, recreates all aesthetic qualities of the finished armours resulting in copies that fully resemble the originals.

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